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"Selamat Datang"! or Welcome! 

 The Christian Ministries amongst the Aboriginal Tribes in the Peninsula Malaysia since 1980! 

 JEKOA is the abbreviation for Jemaah Kristus Orang Asli, the Orang Asli Christian Church.The term "Orang Asli (OA)" means the original inhabitants or natives.

The JEKOA Church is an indeginous organisation with her own constitution. It is an Evangelical Church working amongst the diverse tribes living in West Malaysia (Peninsula Malaysia).

Very brief history on OA Missions:

Christ commissions His Church to spread the Gospel to every tribes and tongues. The beginning of Christian mission started in the early 1930. The Methodist Mission employed the Bataks (the Sumatran Christians missionaries) to start works in Tapah among the Semai. Hampered by lack of understanding in their primal beliefs and the many quick changing events during and after the Second World War, the Orang Asli Church could not exist independently from the sending Churches, which included the Methodist, Lutheran, and the Gospel Hall.

The Am'in Farm (Training Ministry)

The Training Centre started out as a vision but is now a reality since early 1990's (known as AM'IN was dedicated to The Lord on 1st May 1993)

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What is the VISION of JEKOA?

1. The Orang Asli (OA) shall grow and establish independent Churches.

2. The Orang Asli (OA) shall be free from all Denominations and establish their own Orang Asli (OA) Church.

  • Help OA Churches to Help Themselves

    It's time OA churches stand on their own, writes REV. LIEOW MENG KUANG

    Although the OA churches from the different tribes are small compared with churches of other ethnic groups, her membership in the Body of Christ is not insignificant. It is therefore important for established churches to understand and accept the OA churches and help them to grow.

    Today, many OA communities are opened for evangelism, many tribes are accessible, and therefore we need a bigger and wiser workforce.

    In Malaysia, where local missionaries are involved, we need to work towards independent OA churches, not OA churches that are forever dependent on the established churches. If we sent missionaries to do outreaches in the early years, now we need to send teachers, trainers and administrators.

    In the past, we gave financially, but now these groups need to be self-supporting. They need to have their own pastors and teachers, whom they support themselves.

    Let us all work together to build the OA Church for His glory and not the glory of any individual or denomination.

What is JEKOA's Affiliation?

  • JEKOA is part of the Malaysia Home & World Missionary Fellowship.
  • JEKOA is an Evangelical & Inter-demoninational Work.
  • JEKOA is mainly supported by by love offerings from Malaysian Churches, Individuals & Others.

MISSIONS Support & Partnership

1. The greatest need is to support training and sending of JEKOA Orang Asli (OA) Preachers to reach out, to teach, to pastor and to disciple.

2. The alternative support is that YOU visit the Am'in Ministry and then Commit your LIVES to reach the unreach with the GOSPEL. Possible?

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